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Cook with a Counsellor Vancouver

Culinary art group-a delicious, therapeutic experience

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When was the last time you spent about four hours trying to cook a nice meal and enjoy eating? Inspired by one of my clients who got joy when baking, I developed the cook with a counsellor program to help people with mindful eating and stay focused during cooking. Eating healthy is essential for self-care. Like many people, I enjoy travel and food. No matter Michelin restaurant or street food, I feel food is healing. It can be a hot bowl of ramen on a tough winter day, it can be a bowl of sweet coconut rice on a busy Thailand street. Food can remind us of some places and people, lovely memories. Flavour is a Multi-sensory Experience. Flavour is influenced by: 
– Smell 
– Taste 
– Visual appearance 
– Feeling (temperature, texture, “mouth feel”) 
– Sounds 
– Learning & experience 

– Involves perception

If you like food and are interested in the group, please send me an email, I can add you to the list. You will be the first one to know and sign up. The group is recommended for adults.  


Fun, time/stress management, self-esteem, communication/social skills, wake up 5 senses, teamwork, joy to share food with loved ones, a life skill. Research showed a connection between gut health and mental wellbeing. Find out more
You do not have to talk; you can use food to express yourself. Culinary is an expressive art.

What to Expect

You will be in a group of 22; you will learn and cook a three-course meal (appetizer, entrée and dessert) for yourself to enjoy. Wine and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy with each course will be provided. You will see the live demonstration by a professional chef who will provide hands-on teaching. Ingredients and tools will be provided, like an apron during class. You do not need to worry about cleaning and dishes. The recipe will be emailed to you before, and you can take a look. Cooking time is about 2 hours, so you need to feel comfortable standing for that long. The total time is 4 hours. You can wear the closed-toed footwear that you find comfortable, and bring a water bottle, a pen and a notebook if you like to make some notes. Please arrange for suitable transportation before and after the session. The location is downtown Vancouver, close to transit. It will be mostly like on a Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.

Bring a Friend or Partner to Join 

It is a great gift for loved ones or a special celebration. 

1 ticket is 298CAD 

2 ticket is 288CAD each

3 ticket is 278CAD each

4 and more tickets is 268CAD each



Please carefully read the following information:

The session can not be cancelled once booked.

In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel published classes.

You will be transferred to a suitable alternative.


Where possible, the chef will accommodate dietary constraints. As a courtesy, we ask that you alert our staff of allergies and dietary restrictions upon booking. Food prepared both on and off-site may contain traces of nuts.

Culinary art therapy Vancouver

Safety First

You need to be in good physical condition and not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit your participation in cooking. Clients will take full responsibility for their medical and physical well-being during the session. The kitchen environments contain a variety of hazards, including noise, fire, and slipperiness. It is essential we talk about it in an intake. 

About Your Facilitator 



Food Safe Level 1, BC

Alliance Française Shanghai Pastry class

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts —Essentials Program Culinary Arts Vancouver 


Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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