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Apartment Therapy Vancouver

Apartment Therapy

You might hear of Retail therapy or shopping therapy to improve mood and release stress. You might not hear about apartment therapy. You might know how meaningful space shapes our lives if you have watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

queer eye Apartment Therapy

The home, neighbour, city, the country have shaped the personality, dress code, style and even more, for example, more New Yorker or LA. You might also hear Marie Kondo, how tidying up and purifying space change people’s lives.

Apartment therapy aims to take care of where we live, start from our room, and change what we can, even a new plant. For most people, home is where we spend most of the day.

It is hard to imagine having a positive vibe or energy when the home is messy and dirty. It feels more frustrated when it can not find a key. When we feel messy in our minds, maybe we can try to tidy up, donate things we have not touched for a long time, and get things organized. You mindfully clean up space, inviting more beautiful things into your life. Like dress for success, tidy for peace, calm, clear space.

Here are more tips:

I like making a bed and getting a room ready.

“Make your home a gallery of positive memories”.


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