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Tips After a Car Accident in BC

I’m sorry to hear that you or someone you know were in a car accident. It’s important to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally after such an event. It is stressful to be involved in a car accident no mater as passenger, driver, or just bike or walk. It's essential to prioritize safety and follow a series of steps to ensure your well-being. Your mental and physical health are interconnected.

You might experience some common symptoms after being in a car accident including:

Psychological Symptoms: Fear of driving or sitting in a car, hard trusting others; Panic attacks; Difficulty sleeping; struggling with flashbacks and nightmares; Fatigue, sensitivity to noise and light; Muscle tension and headaches; Irritability, low mood, frustration.

Cognitive Symptoms: Memory Issues; Difficulty Concentrating.

Behavioural Changes: Social Withdrawal; Changes in Appetite; Avoidance of Driving.

ICBC counselling

  1. Seek Medical Attention and follow Medical Recommendations

  2. Reach out for Professional Support early

  3. Take Your Time

  4. Connect with Supportive People

  5. Practice Self-Care and self-compassion

  6. Gradual Exposure to Driving

  7. Acknowledge and Express Your Feelings

  8. Consider Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

  9. Set Realistic Goals

  10. Educate Yourself

  11. Stay active

icbc counselling

Remember that recovery is a unique process for each individual.

Book your treatments as soon as possible. Enhanced Care from ICBC automatically covers you for pre-approved treatments in the first 12 weeks, including ICBC supported counselling. Find out more

I hope these tips help you in your recovery. Please take care of yourself and reach out to a healthcare provider if you need further assistance.


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